Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Theater in Action

Building a Play... Theater in Action

MIB Drama Department will be preforming 2 plays this year. "Crisis, Inc.by Daniel Munson and ¨It's All an Act" by Carl L. Williams will be preformed on Thursday, November 7th at 5:00 Pm and 7:00 PM, and Sunday November 10th at 2:00 PM in Merritt auditorium. We  interviewed a few people in the plays to get an inside look of what its like to preform.

Shane is in 10th grade and new to MIB this year. He has been acting since 7th grade. His favorite part of being in the play is getting to know everyone, and he doesn't have a least favorite part. His favorite character in the play is Alex, because he is by far one of the more fun characters. His most challenging scene is one from Crisis Inc. where he cant get his lines down. His favorite musical is Wizard of Oz and his favorite movie is Aladdin, and hopes that some day he could be in an Aladdin musical.

Andrea is a senior here at MIB and has been acting for 7 years. Her favorite part of drama is spending time with all the people there and her least favorite part is memorizing all the lines. her favorite characters this year are Lucille, Edna, and George. The hardest scene was in Crisis Inc. when people kept going on and off stage and having to remember where everyone should be. 

Leighton is a 8th grader here at MIB and has been acting since 2nd grade. His favorite part about being in the play is being with friends and his favorite character is Ted. The most challenging scene is when they are all arguing in the end. His favorite movie is any of the Scream movies and his favorite musical is Grease.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Back to School

Back to School
By: Hanna S. and Siiri M.

 Welcome back to Ranger News! High school orientation was on August 27th. September 3rd was the first official day back at MIB. There was a Mouse's Open House, AKA Merritt Elementary open house, on Thursday September 12th at 5pm. This school year has already been pretty eventful. We have 2 football game wins under our belt already. Our school cheerleading squad threw a Back-To-School dance on Friday the 6th from 9:30-11:30.


This year we have a new teacher named Mr. Cerar. We interviewed him to see how he was doing these first few weeks of school. 

Mr. Cerar's first week of school was great. He enjoyed meeting all of the students and staff. His favorite part of teaching so far is his students and the energy they bring into the classroom. He is looking forward to seeing how far his students get. Mr. Cerar went to Saint Scholastica and studied Secondary Social Studies Education. He also played football and ran track all 4 years of college. His favorite part of summer was spending time with family and friends at his cabin. 

We also interviewed Maker Space teacher Mrs. Fox to ask her few questions about the first couple weeks of school.

Mrs. Fox's first week of school was crazy but also exciting. This year she is looking forward to seeing everyone's EPIC projects. Her favorite part of teaching engineering is that it is always changing. Her favorite part of being a teacher is helping students do things they didn't think they could do. Her favorite part of summer was playing with her children and nieces. 


Everyone's first few days of school seemed pretty good. Everyone has mixed emotions on the new locks on the lockers. We interviewed a few on the Students to get their opinions on the new school year so far.

Carl is feeling pretty confident about doing well his junior year. He had a fine first week of school. He doesn't mind the new locks on the lockers. His favorite class is Mrs. Busch's Environmental science.

Logan's first week of the new school year was okay. He attended the football game against Lake of the Woods and went to the Back To School dance after. He hates the locks on the lockers. His favorite teacher is Mrs. Hoopman and his favorite class is PE.

We are looking forward to the new school year and blogging about it!